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OR this Fairytale Castle VALUED AT over £2,000,000!

OR a Villa in the Caribbean PLUS up to £250,000…

OR a two night Castle Holiday Break worth £2,000…


The Tower is a famous English landmark and has been featured in many national newspapers and magazines such as:

The Times, The Sun, The Daily Mail, House Beautiful, Homes and Property, Country Life

… and many more

The villa is in Mount Cinnamon Resort in Grenada, overlooking the Grand Anse Beach and has been rated highly in reviews such as:

The Telegraph, Trip Advisor, Holiday Watchdog, British Airways

… and many more


Why hope to win the national lottery or Euromillions and use the jackpot to buy a dream property?

The odds of winning the national lottery are approximately 45 million to 1 and Euromillions closer to 140 million to one.

We will never sell more than 1 million entries. The odds of winning are therefore never going to be more than 1 million to 1, which is far better than the lottery. If only half of entries get the correct answer and you are one of them, with a Ten Entry ticket, your odds of winning a castle will not be more than 50 thousand to 1.

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