The Prizes

Ever dreamed of owning a fairytale Castle? Or a luxury villa in the Caribbean? With Castle Competition, that dream could become a reality for one lucky winner.

The prizes depend on the number of tickets we sell.

We are guaranteeing to give away 2 night Castle Holiday Breaks worth £2,000 every week of the competition!

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  • If 15,000 or fewer entries are sold we will give away a Castle Holiday Break worth £2,000 every week of the competition – GUARANTEED

  • If we sell up to 50,000 entries we will also give away a cash prize to the competition winner

  • If we sell up to 200,000 entries we could give away a luxury 3 bed Caribbean villa in Grenada depending on the value of entries sold.

  • Above 200,000 entries and we will definitely give away the Caribbean villa plus 30 thousand pounds cash.

  • Above 800,000 entries the winner gets to choose between the castle plus one hundred thousand pounds or the villa plus a quarter of a million pounds.

  • If 1,000,000 entries are sold, the winner could, instead, choose to simply take £1,000,000!

    Please refer to the FAQs & Terms and Conditions for details

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