Here are the ticket references and initial/surnames of the winners of the weekly draws for a two night Castle Holiday Break. Each of the winners below has received an email with details of their prize to the email address submitted upon entry to Castle Competition. If your name & ticket reference is below but you have not received our email, please check your spam and get in touch here.

Ticket Reference ~ Winners Name

5c127c9f2f110 ~ A Garnham

5c122cfc03574 ~ N Trace

5c1c8c200b326 ~ A Scott

5c1805de255e4 ~ M Tham

5c3529b4537af ~ M Topp

5c13842419ea5 ~ J Verdicchio

5c49fcd6e5664 ~ A Richardson

5c379c68b932d ~ J Porosinska

5c12734cdaf62 ~ K Ward

5c5f47bebf6ef ~ C Robertson

5c6089a696bd8 ~ V Sargent

5c3b355e3fca5 L Izatt

5c4862771c220 ~ A Eriksen

5d170371df9a4 ~ C Wright

5c6563785b98 ~ R Young

5c84171339acf ~ G Thomas

5c59a106939e6 ~ D Cornelius

5c8a729b6c0c2 ~ E Mortazavi

5c7145ec08f0f ~ H Boonstra

5c7d461e82587 ~ D Pryde

5cdef3613ef2c ~ Nick Ross

5c7b0ccb0d843 ~ D Dawes

5c979a36e3d48 ~ S Amirak

5caa37f731444 ~ S Fell

5ce9aae14a7b9 ~ M Browne

5ce2c918f0c47 ~ T Marzhant

5ceba366f24e1 ~ B Hubbard

5cf123bb89fc8 ~ C Burrows

5d2b0a8ef3e6e ~ D Shannon

5cd9d04a6cd4b ~ N Jones

5cead2f0241d7 ~ S Burford-Baynes

5d1fdd5f5cbe3 ~ V Blagorodnov

5d01310367a65 ~ A Traviss

5d21cc5616b4b J ~ Confortola

5d1b6e59db5f4 ~ M McKinley

5d2223c081217 ~ L Child

5d192565b93fe ~ T Shroll