Funny! Not funny!

This is a hilarious look at what happens when lipreading goes wrong and with 4 boys and lots of deafness in the Tym house, the problem’s real!

Subtitles are always on chez Tym! And so is the rugby!…..

Two of the Tym boys are profoundly deaf and that is why Castle Competition has a deaf charity as one of the beneficiaries of the competition. When you enter the competition, you can choose for us to give 5% of your ticket price to a charity for deaf children. We can’t name it for legal reasons but it is a wonderful establishment which gives specialist pre-school education to deaf children from birth to school age.

They were there for the Tyms when they heard the earth shattering news that their 3 month old baby couldn’t hear a jumbo jet 50 ft away and may never, ever talk or sing, or dance to music. They were there with a box of tissues, a reach for the stars attitude and it is our goal to give back.

Becca Haigh